Lynn Beechler Realty


  • Visit the property, measure the property, photograph the home, and gather data for the market analysis
  • Search county and city records for factual data pertaining to your home
  • Prepare a detailed market analysis using comparable listings
  • Review the market analysis and estimated seller's statement with you
  • Complete the listing agreement and required disclosure statements
  • Enter the property in the Multiple Listing Service and on the Internet
  • Install a "For Sale" sign and lockbox
  • Create a "Home Book", prepare "Did You Know" cards, "Please Remove Shoes" sign,and "Pet Notice" sign
  • Write accurate and descriptive advertisements for the Real Estate Viewer, newspaper and internet
  • Take calls on the property and sell the features of the property to buyers to create a desire to view the property
  • Screen buyers before showing your house
  • Arrange all appointment times with you so they will work for you and the buyer
  • Hold Open Houses at your house
  • Following your showings, I will contact agents for feedback from them and their buyers and report back to you
  • When an offer is made, we will examine the purchase agreement, ensure prequalification letter is in place and negotiate the best possible terms on your behalf
  • Following the home inspection, renegotiate if necessary
  • Once the offer is finalized, a "Sold" sign will be installed
  • Continue to monitor the status of the buyer's loan
  • From you, I will collect the title evidence, loan payoff information and other data needed to prepare for closing
  • Monitor title work until the title commitment is received, deal with any issues that arise
  • Schedule the appraisal, provide purchase agreement and home data to the appraiser, follow-up with the appraiser
  • Monitor the transaction until closing
  • Remind you to obtain a garbage receipt and have meters read prior to closing
  • Provide a closing checklist prior to closing
  • Arrange a final walkthrough with the buyer prior to closing
  • Obtain the final HUD statement and review for accuracy
  • Attend the closing

I will do everything in my power to make your sale go as smoothly as possible.

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